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The Laws of Boundaron
Lord of Boundaries


Boundary Bob's Guide to
Getting the Fuck Off His Lawn

Here is everything I've been able to figure out about How Boundaries Work. Suggestions and additions would be awesome.Collapse )
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Oh, hey, look, it is an opportunity to explain how people look to me!

As I've mentioned before, I have prosopagnosia, or face-blindness. I think it's hard for people who don't have it to understand what that means. I mean, Hannibal had a character who had it, and tried to replicate the effect by always blurring everyone's faces whenever they appeared from that character's point of view, which is entirely wrong. "Face-blindness" doesn't mean I can't see faces, I can see faces just fine. They just don't make more of an impression on me than anything else I see-- trees, furniture, hands, etc. I think that most people with a functioning fusiform gyrus don't realize when you're using it, don't realize that you perceive faces differently from how you perceive everything else.

But here is an incredibly useful visual aid. This artist, Sandro Miller, has recreated iconic portraits with John Malkovich as the subject.

So: I can tell that John Malkovich is not Che Guevara (I think because the photo quality is too good) or Marilyn Monroe, or probably Arbus' identical twins, though I don't know the original photo. But the rest of them, I would instantly identify as whoever they're labeled as. They have all the right cues-- hair, clothing, facial expression, background-- that would tell me who they are, plus their names are helpfully at the bottom of the photo. So I would have no reason to think that they are John Malkovich. They don't look like John Malkovich.

I'm curious-- can other people identify him from these pictures?

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Wherein I have acquired a tumble-blog!

It is here:

It is not a replacement for DW or LJ in any way, as it is exactly what it says on the tin: a collection of things that are cheering, lovely, powerful, funny, and otherwise great. I've maintained it for a week to make sure that it keeps being a good idea, and thus far, it has seemed to be, so there it is.

It's also a way for me to follow the tumblr's of other excellent people. So if that's you, and I don't know what your tumblr is, I would really like to hear it so I can follow it!

Cuz, like, pictures of things are cool, you know?


Reading: Steven Brust, Dzur.

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I don't normally do these, but I am reading books again! So perhaps I will mention some things.

Read Steven Brust's Issola, and it is nice to know what kind of Dragaeran I would be. I would so totally be an Issola, there is no question. I would have thought an Athyra just based on the kind of work they do, but their attitude is so terrible.

Also, I particularly recommend Lia Silver's Prisoner to anyone who liked Laura's Wolf despite it being a romance novel. Like, if you are like me, and you're like "romance novels are a perfectly good genre, I guess, but I rarely find one that doesn't hit me over the head with gender roles and heteronormativity, so I don't read them much, but I really liked how Laura's Wolf countered those things!" Prisoner's got the same sort of excellently well-worked relationship, but adds in a lot more sfnal/comics elements, and they're great. Characters I relate to more on a sf/fantasy metaphor/emotional/id level, as opposed to the characters in Laura's Wolf with whom I identified because their lives shared tangible aspects of mine. Good stuff!

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We do not live by Homestuck fic alone. Or, at least, we probably shouldn't. I mean, some of it isn't very good.

So... could you all help me find stuff that isn't Homestuck fic, but has the qualities it has that have kept me reading it for the past year and a half? I've narrowed them down to five:

1) Loads of queer characters.
2) Loads of interesting female characters.
3) Interesting multiperson relationships (I should note, interesting functional multiperson relationships, none of this "love triangle" bullshit.)
4) Interesting, complicated worldbuilding.
5) A snarky, irreverent sense of humor which works well with genuinely emotionally involving stories.

Having all of these would be best, but I could do with something that has most of them. I've been enjoying Steven Brust's Dragaeran series, which really only has three out of five, but I think three is the minimum.

Because my favorite Homestuck fic authors write fast (looking at you, Asuka!), but I read faster. So therefore.



Reading: Steven Brust, Issola.
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This is a problematic holiday. It’s problematic for people who don’t have fathers; it’s problematic for people who don’t get along with their fathers, it’s problematic in that it reinscribes the idea of the nuclear family and negates, say, mine. And when I say “problematic” what I mean is “really fucking depressing,” because if you’re in any of the above categories, the last thing you want is a zillion pictures of square-jawed, wholesome, usually-white guys in polo shirts being hugged by winsome little girls with a caption saying something along the lines of “you were always there for me.”

I don’t think it has to be like that, though. Because the thing is, we don’t all have “a man who sired us, raised us, and is still an important and loving part of our lives.” But what if we adjust the definition of father? Read more...Collapse )
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So, I had this awesome dream last night which was a Homestuck/Utena crossover. There were, like, four different versions of all the Utena characters from slightly different universes, and their interactions with each other were great, and it was the coolest.

It made me wake up, though, and think about color correspondences, and these are, many of them, the worst thing. Yet, sometimes, strangely apropos.

Utena-- Feferi or Roxy
Anthy-- Gamzee (!!!)
Wakaba-- Tavros
Touga-- Dave
Saionji-- Kanaya (!?!?)
Jury-- Dirk (well, the queerness remains...)
Miki-- John?
Kozue-- Vriska
Ruka-- Equius (???)
Nanami-- Sollux (snerk)
Akio-- Rose (!!!!!!!)

Shiori and Mikage are pretty much matchless, which is just as well.

Creepy and charming rainbow fandoms are creepy and charming!


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Here, in alphabetical order, are some authors I'd suggest you just go to A03 and read all their stuff-- or at least, whatever seems interesting. I can't promise that every story by them will be great, but a high enough percentage that they're worth checking out. Read more...Collapse )
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"But Gaudior," you may say, "even with that helpful recap, I still don't want to read thousands of pages of webcomics and animations just to read fic with those attributes!"

Fortunately, in this most perfect universe of ours, you don't have to. A lot of the great Homestuck fics are AUs, which therefore require minimal knowledge of the canon to enjoy.

Try these-- I've arranged them in order to give you an introduction to and grounding in the fandom and characters. But feel free to read them however you like.Read more...Collapse )
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So, it occurs to me that for the past year or so, I have read primarily Homestuck fanfic. Now, I normally read a fair bit of fanfic, but that seems excessive to me. But in thinking about it, I've realized: Homestuck, and by extension Homestuck fanfic, is exactly what I want to read, more than anything else I can find.

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck

Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie. It is very popular. Many people are stymied by its length, which is fair, as it is very long, and the first parts of it are not very good (unless you really enjoy programming jokes). However! Hussie was kind enough to recap the first year of the comic, which gets you up to the point where the trolls are introduced, which most people agree is where it starts getting really good. You may want to go directly from the recap to this page, where Hussie stops being meta and gets back to the plot. There will be more meta later, but hopefully by that point, you will be absorbed enough to enjoy the trolling in the spirit it is probably intended.

Why Homestuck Is All I'm Reading Lately
Cut cuz probly some mild spoilers?Collapse )

And the thing is, I just can't think of another work of fiction that has all of those attributes. I would be very, very happy if people were to name me some in the comments? But in the meantime, I will happily keep reading Homestuck.

Next entry: some fic recs!

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