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gaudior's Journal

1 June 1979
"Gaudior" is Latin-- the first-person passive form of the verb "to rejoice." The way I take it (as did, I think, Madeline L'engle, who first used it as a name) it means, "I am created for the purpose of rejoicing."

Like an iceberg, nine-tenths of my journal is friends-locked to separate my professional and fannish identities.

...I suppose most icebergs don't really have fannish identities. Though they might. Further research seems warranted.

At any rate, here you will find fanfic (Yami no Matsuei, or Descendents of Darkness) as well as rants and essays on psychotherapy, race, gender, and whatever else catches my attention. The "Memories" page is a good place to find things, like drabbles, that I've posted in communities.

I am, I'm afraid, cautious about friending people-- you're welcome to friend me, but I'm unlikely to friend you back unless I know you in real life.